10 Photo Editing Apps For Instagram Feed To Make It Look Better

Photo Editing Apps For Instagram

Do you dream of an Instagram feed as aesthetic as a paracelebgram? Isn’t it fun to play when all the images are sharp and parallel? You can juggle Instagram feeds to look more beautiful and aesthetic like celebrities. The trick, just download the following top 10 photo editing apps to make your Instagram feed look like a celebrity!

First, check out HP’s latest recommendations from Samsung with this cool camera

Before reading the app recommendations, are you still confused about finding a phone with good camera quality but at an affordable price?

Then you can see the latest two Samsung phones namely Samsung Galaxy A02s and Samsung Galaxy A12. It is guaranteed that you will not have to worry about editing every time you want to post photos on Instagram because the photos are already good, right from the camera!

With just a budget of Rs 1 million, you can try the Samsung Galaxy A02s that comes with triple rear cameras. The main camera has a resolution of 13 MP with a wide viewing angle, the second camera is 2 MP for macro photos and the last one is 2 MP as a depth sensor that allows you to create bokeh photos.

The front camera of the Galaxy A02 has a resolution of 5 MP with an aperture of f/2.2, which is wide enough and can keep your photos bright even in low light conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is no less cool. Priced at IDR 2.4 million, the camera configuration is obviously superior. This Samsung Galaxy A12 has a quad camera with super complete functions for your photographic needs.

The main camera has a resolution of 48 MP, a second ultra wide angle camera of 5 MP with a FoV of 115 degrees, a macro camera of 2 MP and finally a depth sensor of 2 MP. Very versatile, right? When your photos are good, you don’t have to worry about editing them anymore, right?

Oh yes, the Samsung Galaxy A12 camera with 8 MP resolution and f/2.2 aperture also has Selfie Focus and Smart Beauty features that make your selfies even more impressive.

The best photo editing app for Instagram feed

Here are 10 of the best photo editing apps to make your celebrity Instagram feed look its best.

1. Planoly to drag and drop photos

Want to know why the average celebrity Instagram feed is stylish and aesthetically pleasing? The answer is that they use the Planoly app.

Planoly is an app for managing Instagram feeds. With this app you can organize your Instagram feed to make it more organized. You can drag and drop photos to make them look the way you want.

Also, you can schedule photo posts more easily, including scheduling Instagram story viewing. Through this app, you can also analyze the engagement you get from the photos in your posts. Complete, right?

2. VSCO has classic and modern filters

You know this app, don’t you? Almost most of the celebrities use VSCO to create aesthetic photos. VSCO offers many filters that you can use to beautify your photos. From the classic to the most cheerful filters are available on VSCO.

The advantage of this app is the many photo filters that can be used to transform photos into modern classic shades. This app is free to download, but not all filters are free to use.

To make the most of it, VSCO offers to buy filters made up of different categories or other interesting themes, each of which will surely bring different features and nuances.

3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, can edit RAW photos

This photo editing app can help you in the photo editing process to make it more perfect before you post it on Instagram. The editing tools provided by the Adobe Photoshop LightroomCC application can be considered very complete and professional as the editing tools are almost as complete as the web version.

It comes with several features that are almost the same as the web version, you can easily use this app on your phone or mobile version as it has a simpler appearance. In addition to being able to edit photos in RAW format, this application has the advantage of being able to sync with an Adobe Creative Cloud photography account. Interesting, right?

4. Snapseed, you can only adjust brightness, contrast and saturation in certain areas

This photo editing app has the same use as other photo editing apps that can make your photos more beautiful and beautiful. The editing tools are also quite extensive and easy to use.

Equipped with various filter functions like black and white, HDR, vintage and others, which makes it very easy to use. The main feature of Snapseed is that brightness, contrast and saturation can only be adjusted in certain areas. This feature makes this app superior to other apps.

5. Unfold to Create a Minimalist Photo Editing Effect

Do you want to know how to create a real frame for Instagram Stories? You can edit photos using the Unfold app, which is now available for Android and iOS. Unfold app allows you to create engaging stories for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

You can customize various editing needs by choosing a minimalist template in the Unfold app. Additionally, 30 additional premium templates can be purchased to optimize editing results.

6. HUJI popular application with one-way camera compression effect

The HUJI app is available for free and offers you editing functions with a convenient user interface. Using this app you are able to mimic the physical prints of a disposable camera, even if you are using a cell phone camera. Your cell phone camera viewfinder screen will display a focus knob that can be adjusted, allowing you to customize the end result to your liking.

Currently, photo editing settings can only be set when taking photos directly. In other words, you cannot edit photos that are already in the phone’s gallery.

7.Canva, a handy design app similar to Adobe Photoshop

How is the Canva app different? The Canva app has a functional suitability that can meet all your needs. Yes, Canva app creators use a lot of design requirements for everyone to use.

Even if you don’t have sophisticated design skills, you can apply a design template of your own choosing. So if you already have photos or images that you want to post on Instagram, just select a layout with the editing filter you want.

This is a series of the following best photo editing apps to make your Instagram feed look more prominent. If you have tried, your Instagram photo posts sure don’t lose the celebrity aesthetic, hey!

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In addition to using photo editing apps to make your photos more aesthetic, you can also get many people to see your photo posts on Instagram.

To do this, use the following Instagram support apps. Who knows, your Instagram could catch up with the popularity of celebrities.

8. WhenToPost, discover the best time to post on Instagram

One thing to consider for your Instagram photo posts to get good reach or engagement is to know when is the best time to post on Instagram. With the WhenToPost app you can solve this problem because the heatmap feature of this app can recommend the best times.

Another great feature is the countdown timer that lets you know when to post your next Instagram post.

9. Later to schedule Instagram posts

This app is useful for those of you who work as social media managers, influencers, or ringers. Because with this post app, you can schedule or schedule Instagram posts and interestingly, you can also preview the post to minimize the occurrence of wrong posts.

Later is not only available on Android and iOS phones, but also has a web version. In other words, you can program from your PC and it’s useful for those of you running social media campaigns.

10. Apps Layout, to Create Photo Collage on Instagram

The concept of this layout app can be said to be simple, that is, create a photo collage to make your Instagram timeline more unique with a layout. Layout creates a collage from the photos entered into the app. A number of effects can also be added, e.g. B. the mirror effect to flip the photo from right to left or top to bottom, and more.

Here are some Instagram support apps that you can try. Using the best photo editing app for Instagram feed makes aesthetically pleasing photos easy, right?

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