10 Websites To Check For Plagiarism Easily

Online Plagiarism Check Website

Plagiarism is a taboo subject for writers. However, today it is not avoided, but is often found in a number of articles. While plagiarism is taboo for a writer.

Well, to avoid plagiarism, you can check various websites. There are several websites that you can trust. But it is better to check for plagiarism, you need to do it on multiple sites.

So here are 10 websites you can use to check for plagiarism.

1. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

The first website you can use to check for plagiarism is Copyscape. On this page you can check if the written article matches someone else’s. You can easily verify this by relying on the URL.

Copyscape allows you to see if the URL text you type has anything in common with what other people have typed on the web. Not only the same, but two or three paragraph copy can be recognized with this website.

In addition, Copyscape also offers other more complete services. There is Copyscape Premium, Copycenter, API Premium. All you have to do is register or log in to use these features.

2. Check plagiarism with grammar

Grammar is actually most commonly used to check the spelling grammar of English, but it turns out that this site also has a plagiarism check feature. To use this feature, you can use a free or paid service.

Thanks to Grammarly, you can check for plagiarism using its database. You don’t have to worry about the database of this website as Grammarly would have around 16 billion databases to check.

However, if you see an article on Grammarly and it turns out that the article is not plagiarism, be sure to check it out on other sites as well, yes. This means that the database of this website is really very extensive, but you have to keep going through it to get satisfactory results.

3. Check plagiarism with plagiarism

The next website that can be used for a plagiarism checker is Plagiarism. The name alone makes it clear that on this website you can check whether an article or articles have something in common or not.

You can check if your text contains plagiarism by copying and pasting it into Plagiarism. To check your text, you can also enter the URL directly or upload your text here. Simple and easy to use.

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4. Check for plagiarism with the plagiarism detector

Plagiarism Detector is another website that you can use to check for plagiarism. This website is free to use with a 1000 word writing test. If you want to check more than this amount, you can use the payment service.

For verification, you can use the copy and paste method, upload a file, or enter the URL where the text you want to verify is located. So you can easily check for plagiarism.

The good news about Plagiarism Detector is that although it is free, it can be used multiple times. Unlike other free sites that limit the amount of use. So if you have more than 1000 messages, you can do it gradually.

5. Plagiarism check with Copyleaks

If you need a more sophisticated plagiarism checker website, try Copyleaks. The reason is that this website already uses AI technology to check handwriting. In fact, you don’t have to pay anything to use this site or it’s free, you know.

Not only that, Copyleaks also offers the ability to check multiple languages, so if you want to check writing with Asian special characters, you can. Oh yes, to do the inspection, you can use the copy and paste method and upload the document.

6. Check for plagiarism with Duplichecker

Duplichecker has similar features to Plagiarism Detector. This website allows you to review posts or articles in three ways i.e. copy, paste, upload file or URL. The limit is also the same with a maximum of 1000 words.

In Duplichecker, however, the results of the analysis are accompanied by the plagiarism rate, the synonyms used and the authenticity or uniqueness of the article examined. This way you can see if your text or article contains plagiarism.

7. Check for plagiarism with Unicheck

Unicheck exists as another plagiarism checker website. If you want to read the article or the full article, you can use this page. This is because this site is already integrated with Google and Bing, so your documents can be checked carefully.

However, to enjoy the full service, you need to pay a monthly subscription. With a subscription, you can get up to 99% accuracy, so this site is great for checking plagiarism.

However, you can still use Unicheck for free. For plagiarism check, you can enter writings or articles with a maximum of 275 words. Even if it is a little, you can still use this site to check for plagiarism.

8. Check for plagiarism with PaperRater

The next website where you can check for plagiarism is PaperRater. The use of this website can be used to consult different documents and their levels. This site is also used in more than 140 countries.

PaperRater can do this pretty quickly through plagiarism checks. The development of this website is also done by experts, so the results are really reliable. However, there are also those who say that this site is less accurate.

9. Plagiarism check with PlagScan

If you need a website or app to run a paid plagiarism checker, give PlagScan a try. All you have to do is sign up and enter your credit card number to start using PlagScan.

However, you can also use PlagScan for free. Of course with service restrictions, such as a maximum of 20 uses. However, PlagScan can still be used as this service is quite accurate.

10. How to check plagiarism with ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is here as a plagiarism checker site for different types of posts or articles. To use it for free, you can try the trial version first. Then you have to pay a subscription fee.

With ProWritingAid you can do more than just check for plagiarism. But you can also check whether the text or article contains frequently repeated words or not. The point is that this website can teach you how to become a professional writer.

Now that you’ve seen the different options above, which website would you like to check for plagiarism?

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