11 Simple And Free Video Editing Apps For PC

Recommended video editing app on PC, lightweight and free

There are many applications to edit videos on PC. However, most of the available software can be used by purchasing or paying for it. Not to mention the size is enough to make a heavy laptop or computer. You even need to download videos for personal use only.

So, you need a free and lightweight PC video editing app. At least its operation does not require sophisticated computer specifications. Well, here are some pretty reliable video editing software recommendations.

1. iMovie Video Editing App

If you are using a MacOS computer or Apple laptop, iMovie is the right application for video editing. This is because the software is a standard that can only be used in the operating system.

iMovie is a free and lightweight video editing application. In this software, you can trim the edited video, insert songs and add text. Almost all editing needs are available in this app.

2. Windows Movie Maker Video Editing App

Well, for those of you who are using PCs running Windows OS, you can use Windows Movie Maker editing software. Just like iMovie, this app is also built-in for Windows computers.

The peculiarity of Windows Movie Maker can be seen in its simple appearance, so its operation is very easy. This app is very suitable for video editing for those of you who are still beginners.

3. DaVinci Resolve Video Editing App

DaVinci Resolve could be the next video editing app you can try. Basically, this software is paid for when used for business purposes. However, if you only use it for personal purposes, this app is free to download.

For the free version, DaVinci Resolve comes with quite extensive features. You can use this application to make an evaluation, so it is possible to edit it online. Oh yes, this software is also available for various computer operating systems from Windows, Mac to Linux.

4. Blender Video Editing App

If you need a lightweight video editing application that can be used on different PC operating systems, Blender might be the one to use. Although this software is actually designed for the needs of 3D animation.

The features of the Blender video editing app are quite comprehensive and easy to use. For this, this software can be used by everyone, both beginners and experienced in video editing. This app comes with an open source program and is free to download.

5. HitFilm Express Video Editing App

HitFilm Express could be an option for those looking for a lightweight PC video editing application. With a basic screen, this software can be used for video editing from basic to compositing.

Another advantage of HitFilm Express can be seen in the numerous special effects. There are about 180 effects in total that you can use to beautify your videos. It’s easy to use. If you have difficulty using it, just watch the video tutorial.

6. OpenShot Video Editing App

In addition to Blender, OpenShot is also present as a video editing application with an open source program. The look is quite simple. At first glance, you will think that this software is similar to iMovie. However, it turns out that the functions it has are much more complete.

Simple appearance and rich functionality often make OpenShot a mainstay for video editing. Furthermore, this program can also be used on different types of computers. You can use it for computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

7. Avidemux Video Editing App

Avidemux can also be chosen as basic video editing software. This program is free and also open source. The functions offered by this application are also very simple. Therefore, it is very suitable for use by beginners.

Although packed with simple and basic features, Avidemux is also often used as a mainstay for professional video editing. The result did not disappoint. In this way, it seems that Avidemux can be used as superior software in terms of video editing.

8. Lightworks Video Editing App

You may be able to try Lightworks as another software option to easily edit videos on PC. The reason is that this app comes with quite comprehensive video editing features, so you can find everything you need in editing software here.

Like DaVinci Resolve, the app is free to download from the website. However, if you need deeper features and for business purposes, you should purchase this software.

9. Machete Video Editor Lite Video Editing App

Machete Video Editor Lite is a video editing software with a very simple interface. In addition, the functions that can be used are quite simple. It’s perfect for people who just want to learn how to edit videos.

Offering a simple look and functionality, this machete video editor lite doesn’t take much space on your computer. Therefore, the simplicity of this application is one of the advantages that other programs do not have.

10. Shotcut Video Editing App

Then there is an app that is also an open source program called Shotcut. This app also comes with performance that is not too heavy. In this way, the program does not take up too much memory to work with.

The advantage of applications with open source programs is that you always get updates on the functions used. Therefore, Shotcut does not have obsolete and obsolete features. Even the update includes 4K video editing, you know.

11. VSDC Free Video Editor Video Editing App

The latest free and lightweight video editing app for PC is VSDC Free Video Editor. It seems a bit more complex than other programs on this list, but the features are also very satisfying and complete.

VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent advantage of being able to take care of the names of the video file formats. Oh yes, please note that PC video mount logic is not available for Windows. Donc, il ne peut pas ĂȘtre utilisĂ© sur all les ordinateurs, n’est-ce pas?

Alors, PC video assembly application source souhaitez-vous utiliser ?

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