3 Tips To Add Free Instagram Followers Without Buying

3 Tips To Add Free Instagram Followers Without Buying

Currently, Instagram is a widely used social media in Indonesia. Through Instagram, users can post photos and videos for their Instagram fans or followers to see.

The more followers there are, the more existing users are taken into account, increasing your social status. Also for online store sellers on Instagram, it will largely determine the amount of sales if your Instagram has a lot of followers.

This is the reason why many Instagram users want to increase their number of followers on a daily basis. In fact, there are also those who use follower buying services. Of course, this is not a good way to go, as the average followers you get are fake followers or bots, not real Instagram users.

In fact, there are many other ways to increase Instagram followers without having to use the buy followers service. The followers you get are even more authentic and natural. What?

Here are some tips to increase Instagram followers

1. Post artistic photos on your Instagram

The artistic is relative, but it never hurts to try. Before expecting many followers to follow your Instagram, first try to get creative to grab the attention of other users. One way is to display artistic photos.

Artistic photographs can be created from photographs of objects or landscapes. You can also frustrate him by creating a special theme on his Instagram to make it more distinctive. By displaying good artistic photos, many people will like your Instagram. The more interesting you are, the more people will like your photos, so start following or following your Instagram account.

This method requires effort or hard work. However, this method is the safest and most recommended method for Instagram.

2. Target Intended Instagram Followers

For those of you who already have a theme for your Instagram and want to target followers based on the same interests, it’s easier to target your intended followers. For example, if you want followers that match your hobbies, age group, education, or gender, you need to be careful about posting photos or videos that they like.

Usually these are also Olshop owners on Instagram who want to target their potential customers. For example, for those of you who sell cosmetics or women’s clothing and want to increase your number of female followers, you should include photos about cosmetics, women’s clothing, boutiques, makeup tips or clothing in your Instagram content.

Or for those of you who sell men’s products and want to increase the number of male subscribers, you should carefully post photos of men’s products such as clothing, watches, hats, pants and more.

3. Use the correct hashtags

Hashtags (#) or hashtags (hashmarks) are very influential for the popularity of your Instagram account. To increase the number of followers, use the correct hashtags on your photos. Remember to include a hashtag on each photo to make it easier for users to find your Instagram account.

When posting a photo, try to use the correct title and hashtag based on the audience and the photo being uploaded. For example, if you submit a photo about cosmetics, your caption and hashtag should be related to cosmetics or things that women like best. This makes it easier for targeted followers to find your Instagram and start following you.

Last but not least, always remember to post on Instagram at least once a week. Why? Because every last photo or video posted shows when your Instagram was last active. Followers will be more interested in following Instagram that is still active than those that are not.

Here are three tips to increase Instagram followers without using follower buying services. You can try this method and compare the results a few days or weeks later.

Remember that adding followers cannot be done instantly, but it is possible if you remain creative to produce great photos and videos on your Instagram account. Good luck!

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