5 Steps To Create A Linktree For Instagram

5 Steps To Create A Linktree For Instagram

Are you aspiring for a career in the world of content creation, or are you a businessman looking to spread your wings? The most effective way to do all of this is to tell a large audience about the content or product you are trying to promote.

Currently, Instagram is one of the most effective social networks to capture the attention of “Internet users”. For those of you who have less than 10,000 followers and cannot use the swipe up link feature in stories, there is another way to showcase your content and products and that is by creating a link tree and placing it in your bio on your Instagram profile. Instagram. . .

How to create a link tree

Linktree can be compared to a “house” with several rooms. You can create an “Inbox” on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, WhatsApp, Online Store, Podcast and much more! The more content or stores you have, the more links you can put on Linktree! Here are simple steps to create Linktree.

1. Create a free/paid account.

First, you need to register with Linktree first. To do this, open and then click “Get Started Now for Free”. Registration is free. After registering, you will be offered several rate options. You can continue to use Linktree for free with limited functionality.

Don’t forget to check your registered email to verify your Linktree account so you can start using it right away.

2. Enter the desired link.

After registering and verifying your account, you can start using Linktree features immediately. Interestingly, even with the free feature, you can enter an unlimited number of links!

You should enter the name or title of each link to make it easy to contact your subscribers as needed. Linktree will not process the link if you do not provide a title.

3. Clean the created shortcuts.

Check the spelling of the link you entered. Test the validity of the link by clicking on it. Linktree cannot identify which links are correct and which are incorrect.

4. Adjust the screen.

If you use the free feature, you can still change the appearance of the Linktree page. You can choose colors, background patterns, images, or icons for each link.

In fact, the variants are limited and mostly accessible to PRO version subscribers. However, if you are new to the world of content creation or business, this option can still be used as it requires no capital, but you do get some very useful features to further engage with your “target market”.

Beautify your Linktreem account by adding a great title for this linktree and complementing it with a photo.

5. Share Linktree link

Once you’re done creating Linktree, it’s time to share it with your followers! You can place it on a social network account, for example Instagram.

How to Add Linktree to an Instagram Profile

Go to your Instagram profile. There is a lot of information at the bottom of your photo that you can edit at any time. Well, let’s add a link tree link here.

Go to “Edit Profile”. In the Website column, replace the old link with the Linktree link. You can get the link tree link at the top right of the link tree page.

After that, check your Instagram account profile again and test each link on Linktree. This is very important so that your subscribers can safely access any links you have provided there.

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