9 Ways To Care For A Mirrorless Camera So It Doesn’t Get Damaged Easily

9 Ways To Care For A Mirrorless Camera So It Doesn't Get Damaged Easily

Mirrorless camera users are increasing because using this camera is very convenient, lightweight and very easy to carry anywhere.

More importantly, the quality of the resulting photos is quite capable. However, due to its practical nature, few people pay attention to how to care for a good mirrorless camera, so the camera is easily broken.

Here are 9 ways you can take care of your mirrorless camera so it doesn’t get damaged easily.

If you are a mirrorless camera user. Then you need to know how to take care of the following mirrorless cameras. Camera maintenance should not be neglected. The method:

1. Pay attention to the temperature at which the camera is stored

Indonesia’s tropical climate makes your camera lens susceptible to fungus. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature at which the camera is stored.

Now when shopping for a camera, follow the guidance available as storage temperature standards seem to vary. Next, keep your camera out of direct sunlight.

2. Put the camera in the dry box.

There is nothing wrong with buying a dry case and placing your camera in it to keep it hydrated. The dry box itself not only houses the camera, but also the battery, filter, flash, and vertical grip. The camera is safer and more durable when placed in this dry box.

3. Avoid direct contact with water

Be careful when taking pictures near the beach because exposing the mirrorless camera lens to sea salt can cause friction and corrosion of the lens. Also, be careful when taking photos, then it rains suddenly. It is really necessary to protect the camera with a waterproof case or case.

However, avoid exposing the camera to water or other liquids, as water can make components inside the camera very wet.

4. Clean mirrorless cameras regularly

Cleaning the camera regularly is something you should do. Not only the lens should be cleaned, but also the camera body and sensor. Many actually sell a variety of camera cleaning tools. Contents:

1. Specific cleaning fluid for cameras.

2. Fan to clean dust particles from the chamber.

3. Microfiber cloth to clean the entire body of the camera.

4. Fine brush for cleaning between the camera navigation buttons.

5. Cotton swabs to clean hard-to-reach parts of the camera.

5. Beware of changes in electrical current

One way to transfer data from camera to PC or operate camera via PC, of ​​course you need to connect your camera directly. However, before doing so, be sure to turn off the camera before removing the battery and memory card. This is to avoid sudden power changes as the camera is very vulnerable.

6. Take photos regularly

Don’t hang your mirrorless camera for a long time. Use it to photograph the things you like. A camera that is not used for a long time can cause the machine to stiffen and lock up.

Therefore, it never hurts to take the time to take photos at least once a week. Also, use the buttons on the camera so you don’t get stuck when using it.

7. Worship service at the official place

Don’t wait for the camera to break, just fix it. At least periodically check the status of our camera to avoid unexpected and unwanted damage.

Also be careful where you set the camera. Preferably delivery to an official representative or trustee.

8. Attach the camera strap

The camera strap seems to play a big role. Wear the camera around your neck when taking pictures to prevent it from falling if your hand suddenly slips.

Or wrap the camera strap around your hand to better “lock” the camera in your right hand. This way you can take pictures with more confidence.

9. Use a camera bag

Another way to take care of your camera so that it lasts is to put the camera in a special bag if you plan to take your camera with other gear when you travel.

The special camera bag is designed with high resilience, which can protect the camera when bumped or bumped while traveling. When choosing a bag, pay attention to the material. Choose one that is light, strong and also waterproof.

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