Apple Detects Spam From Unknown Phone Numbers

Apple Detects Spam From Unknown Phone Numbers

The current development of communication services offers you not only various conveniences, but also distractions or even dangers. You must have experienced the dangers of repeated spoofed incoming calls and disruptive activity many times.

Of course, this forces you as a user to be more careful when communicating with other people, especially when answering the phone from an unknown number. Anyone from telemarketers to scammers can call you.

For your convenience, Apple detects spam calls from unknown phone numbers.

1. Detect annoying unknown calls

No one wants their activities interrupted at work, especially by strangers whose needs are unclear. You certainly want your activities to be comfortable at all times, without having to guess if the incoming number is a prankster or is really calling because there is an important need.

Apple understands the inconvenience you may experience from unwanted calls that keep ringing. By launching Engadget, Apple should apply for a patent capable of detecting fake calls.

2. Match patents to iPhone users

Fake caller ID detection, listed as an Apple patent pending, allows iPhone users to filter incoming calls. iPhone users can tell if an incoming call is legitimate.

How to recognize a fake call? When an unknown call comes in, the phone will automatically display an alert to the user.

3. Does not provide an indication of incoming spam calls

How does the phone detect spam or fake calls? The patent service in the iPhone allows the validity of a call to be determined by analyzing the information of the connected number.

iPhone users will find it more convenient to analyze information sent through calls, including network device IDs, server IDs, and more.

First discovered by Apple Insiders, the patent prevents call notifications such as ring and vibration. In other words, your iPhone will not notify you if the incoming call is fake.

4. Detect obscure callers with TrueCaller app

If you are currently getting frequent interference from unknown phone numbers, you can use third-party apps. One of the recommended third-party apps is the TrueCaller app.

The TrueCaller app is available for Android and iOS users. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store or App Store.

TrueCaller has a feature that connects to a global contact database of phone numbers to find unknown phone numbers. To use this feature, you don’t even need to upload online contacts to your mobile phone. You can find the name of the person who called you even if you have not saved their phone number.

If you are contacted by an unknown phone number, you can block the phone number immediately so that it doesn’t bother you. Are you also often harassed by telemarketing phone offers for products? You can also block the phone number from your contact list.

An unknown phone number is not only annoying, it can also be harmful for some people. So if you suddenly get a call from an unknown number, try not to panic and find out what the caller is calling you for.

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