Easy Ways To Check If Your Instagram Account Is Blocked By Friends Or Not

Easy Ways To Check If Your Instagram Account Is Blocked By Friends Or Not

How to Check Your Friends’ Blocked Instagram Account

A relationship, whether friendship, partner or work, does not always run smoothly. There are times when little emotions flavor a big difference in understanding.

In some cases that have occurred, this conflict has even caused you to lose all connection with that person in cyberspace! In fact, it’s not uncommon for real-world disputes to result in the banning of social media accounts like Instagram.

In fact, disputes that arise in the real world sometimes spill over into the virtual world. Furthermore, many people today live in these two worlds. Even people you don’t know can learn a lot about you just by looking at your social media feeds!

Well, maybe you have friends or colleagues who follow each other and comment on each other’s uploads. However, one day, some time after their conflict, he realizes that his friend’s Instagram account has disappeared! Hey, is it time to go? Could it be that he banned his account because he was still upset after the riots at the time?

How do you know if you happen to have an “enemy” in cyberspace who secretly no longer wants to have a relationship with you? Some of the following methods can be tried!

1. Perform a search using the “Search” function

The first step that can be taken is the search. You can enter the name of the suspected Instagram account to block your account. If this account is public and you can still see the downloads, it means that you are not banned. However, if you can’t see your downloads, list of followers, and followed people, it’s likely that you’re blocking your account.

Meanwhile, you can’t find accounts set to private anywhere. Also make sure this account is still active and has not been deleted by the owner.

2. Browse the browser

You can also view an Instagram account through a browser. First, check the account in question that is connected to Instagram. Two scenarios can occur: you find the account (in private and public status) with the conditions described in the first point (which means you are not banned) or you cannot see the download or you cannot find the account anywhere (it may be that your account is suspended or the account is disabled).

Next, do a simple test by logging out of your Instagram account and then searching for the same account. When you log out you can see the downloads of the account (if the account is public) or in the blocked state you can see the number of downloads, subscribers and people you follow, from which you can conclude that you have blocked your account. by you.

3. Confirm by direct message

This method can be used if you have notified the person via Instagram DM. You can reopen the DM and analyze its contents. If that person blocks your account, your DM content history may disappear. Alternatively, the DM history is still there, but when you click on the profile, you can no longer see or track uploads.

4. Use a different account

You can also verify with another account. You can borrow someone else’s account or create a new one. Search using your account, then compare results when you search using other accounts. If there is a difference, it means your account is banned.

So your friend or best friend got account banned? Remember to make amends immediately so relationships can be restored, okay!

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