Evony Game Review

Evony Game Review – Among other marketing activities, business innovation plays one of the most important roles in program promotion. The reason is simple: creative ads make the first impression on the user and the first click after watching a video, viewing an interesting image or running some interactive ad.

However, finding the most successful advertising innovations in your inventory can take a long time because you’ll have to test each of your advertising assets and wait for the results. Also, finding the best version is very expensive as you pay for these ads at the end of the day.

Evony Game Review

Evony Game Review

But if you have advertising intelligence technology that represents top innovations, you can demonstrate highly effective business innovation in any category. In addition, it not only showcases your competitors’ advertising strategies to build and improve your skills, but also helps you develop new game ideas and features in unique applications that you can use. To make your own game. And that’s what Avonne has done for its strategy.

Evony Secrets Guide Review

Evoni is a strategy game on the App Store that ranked fourth among top advertisers this week. The interesting thing about this game is that it not only uses the same type of ads as Homescape, but also creates ads where users can play them as part of the game. This September, November 18th, December 10th is ranked 62nd, and this week they are ranked 5th among top advertisers, which means they are successful in what they do. They serve to attract attention, and most likely download. ,

If you haven’t seen this blog post about deceptive advertising strategies, you should check it out before reading this article.

As of last week in January, as we can see in the image, Evoni has received 377,260 impressions and published 577 unique designs. As we explored further, we saw that they published 2693 advertisements in September, 1161 in November and 950 in December. They seem to have started to optimize their advertising innovations in terms of content, media profiles and even the advertising channels they use as the number of innovations starts to dwindle from time to time. Let’s go to the Campaign Analysis section to see what kind of insights we can get.

We can say that their advertising cost is very high as they try to create a lot of advertisements in different media formats and different advertising channels. In September, Evony only used 8 ad networks.

Evony Age Ii

Since then, they have mostly used Admob and Unity as their advertising channels. However, they have started spreading their advertising innovations to more networks by adding new advertising channels like Tiktok, Ironsource, Applovin etc. And remove those that don’t work to optimize your campaign strategy.

The interesting thing here is that although they have advertised most of the innovations to Admob so far, Unity has brought in the most impressions with over 80%. Recognizing this in early January, they started promoting most of their innovations on Unity with 34%.

In addition, they published their ads on 10,838 different programs this month, which is a very competitive number compared to other programs in the Top Advertisers section. To give you a better idea, Toon Blast, one of the most popular puzzles, has 17k publishers.

Evony Game Review

In addition, the exchange of creative delivery forms is also interesting to share. In September, they used images, 50% video and 25% HTML for 24% of their total creativity.

Evony Llc Squeezes $300,000 From Evony Hacker

However, it seems that their HTML format design is not as successful as other formats as they reduced it to 9% and increased its image design to 41%. Unlike other gaming apps, they don’t really focus on interactive ads, they’ve used less than 1% of playable innovation since September.

Currently, Evoni uses 15 different languages ​​in its ads, including English (58%), Vietnamese (11%), Thai (9%), and Spanish (3%). His business ventures were mostly spread across the United States, Japan, Vietnam, and Israel. As we can see through these insights, it’s fair to say that they focused enough on localization to increase their click-through rates.

The two ads above are the best performing image creations in the United States in January from Evoni and Homescape. As you can see in the image, the general idea is the same in both the ads!

Homescapes main goal is to grab attention and we can understand that their advertising innovation is doing well since it was first viewed 351 days ago and is still active. The more ads your ad receives, the more clicks your ad will get on download downloads. Evony knows that Homescapes has benefited from its advertising strategy, so why not use the same strategy to acquire new users?

The Weirdly Sexed Up Evony Advertising Campaign

Competition in the software world is getting chaotic day by day. So it is very important to find a highly effective advertising strategy to attract more users not only to reduce study cost but also to increase downloads. Curious to see more advertising strategies working with you? Let’s schedule a demo to start your journey with Advertising Intelligence. Evoni is a real-time strategy game mixed with one-time puzzles. While it may sound unusual, solving wacky puzzles is the perfect way to pass the time while upgrading or building new buildings. This Evoni guide will teach you everything you need to know to master it.

The goal of the game is to continuously improve, research, build and expand your empire to become the most powerful force in all of Ewoni. However, progressing too quickly tends to attract the attention of enemies, so make sure you form an alliance or two to defend your empire. However, there’s much more than just building as you send troops to attack, do battle, and gather supplies to eliminate waiting times.

At the start of the game, you can choose from one of seven regions, including the United States, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Arabia and Japan, each with its own prize pool. If you need help making those tough choices, and more, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explain everything you need to know about this game in Evoni’s complete guide.

Evony Game Review

Evony is an MMO that does a lot more than it looks. Here’s how to play:

Evony: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims

It’s unlikely that you’ll find bots on Evoni, but they are there. People usually identify bots to mobilize human resources or perform any task that requires repetitive words. So, if you are attacked, it is probably a real player.

You should not hack Evoni as it will quickly track you down on the banned list. If you’re not permanently banned, ask yourself, what’s the point? The reason for playing Evoni is to build your empire from the ground up and enjoy that growth. In many ways, the hack destroys that target completely.

You can download a copy of Evony for your iOS, Android, and Kindle devices. The game is free to play but contains gems and IAPs for variations.

You can play Evoni on PC in many ways. See Below: Play Free On PC To Play On Bluestacks Evoni: The King’s Return MMO Strategy Fantasy Play On PC

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Whether you’re building a new building, renovating an existing one, or leading an attack on thieves outside the walls of your city, it all takes time. You can always spend your gems to pass the timer, but gems are hard to come by and shouldn’t be wasted. The most efficient way to bypass standby is to save acceleration as much as you can. We explain how to get all the changes you need in the section below.

There are plenty of ways to find changes in Evoni: The King’s Return, but each time you upgrade a building, the standby timer goes up, so you’ll need to run it in bulk. Here’s how to get the extra speed:

You can download a copy of Evoni from trusted APK websites. If you’re looking for a website you can trust, check out APKPeer.

Evony Game Review

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