Tips And Guides On How To Play Rise Of Kingdoms For Beginners

Tips And Guides On How To Play Rise Of Kingdoms For Beginners

Rise of Kingdoms has a pretty big market share all over the world. This strategy genre game was released in 2018 and is still a favorite of many gamers to this day. While playing the game, you definitely need the right strategy so that the civilization being built is strong.

Don’t worry, here you can learn how to play Rise of Kingdoms. Get started now by first downloading the game from the Play Store or App Store. So some tips for playing below!

Important Tips for Rise of the Empire

The game, originally called Rise of Civilization, requires you to choose a civilization from the start of the game. Of course, there are many things to keep in mind when you start playing it. Here are some tips to play Rise of Kingdoms for beginners.

#1. Start by choosing a civilization.

There are 11 world civilizations in the game to choose from. It is best to choose a civilization that suits your style of play. For more details, see Civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Rome

One of the great world civilizations included in the game is Rome. The Roman social style is also clearly recorded in Rise of Kingdoms. This civilization has a fast and aggressive growth. Therefore, it is suitable for those of you who have a style of play to dominate other civilizations.

2. Germany

Beginners can choose the German civilization to learn how to play the game. The German civilization is considered to be the fastest growing and fastest growing. You just have to kill more barbarians to get action points.

3. English

British civilization is famous for its large army. You can collect 20% more troops. However, the development speed of this civilization is very slow.


You who have an aggressive style can also choose the French civ in this game as this civ can attack easier. Not that troops are important, but troop recovery speed is 20% faster.

5. Spain

Spain is not a civilization suitable for players who enjoy fighting. The combat capacity of his troops is quite low. However, Spain was very adept at gathering resources. So you can advance your civilization faster by collecting more resources.

6 Chinese

If you are looking for the best civilization, you should choose China when you first start the game. China is the fastest growing civilization. Furthermore, this civilization also has a relatively strong military.

7. Japan

Japan has a large army ready to fight. Furthermore, the people of his civilization were also adept at gathering resources. In other words, it is also the right choice for those of you who want to look perfect in the game.

8. korean

The advantage of choosing Korea is its unique and interesting architecture. In addition, there are other advantages, namely the speed of research and the healing of troops. Unfortunately, Korea is less skilled in combat and resource gathering.

9. Arabic

The Arab civilization is also suitable for those who like to fight. There is a cavalry charge bonus and damage bonus for charging against barbarians. In addition, you can also get a little more troops.

10. Ottoman

You who are aggressive can also choose the Ottoman civilization. The attack speed of the troops is very high. Also, the damage dealt is slightly higher.

11. Byzantine

Byzantine civilization was fairly balanced. You can quickly gather resources while attacking the enemy well. In addition, the healing process of Byzantine troops is also quite fast.

#2. build a civilization

After choosing the right civilization, the next step is to develop it. Of course, you have to do a lot of activities in the game. Let’s look at the steps to build a better civilization.

1. Collect gems

Collect more gems by completing certain missions. These gems can be used to increase VIP level or buy boosters to speed up growth.

2. Complete the mission

This game features daily quests that need to be completed. As for special missions to get gifts or additional resources. So don’t miss the search.

3. Form alliances

You have to make friends with a lot of people to build an alliance. This alliance can help your civilization to build buildings. This help will speed up the construction of buildings in your city.

4. Choose a commander

Focus on one commander to lead an attack. However, you can choose other commanders to collect resources or attack missions. Make sure the commander you choose is also of a higher level.

5. Train the team

The troops must also be trained from the beginning. These troops can then be sent on reconnaissance missions to discover mysterious caves, holy places, and tribal villages. Also train your troops to be strong and ready for missions outside the realm.

6. Prepare the defense

Offline, you must prepare the peace shield and send the best commanders to protect the civilization. The reason is that your kingdom can be attacked by enemies even if you are not playing it. Try to use support items to bolster your defenses.

Well, those are the Rise of Kingdoms game tips for you to practice right now. Have you already downloaded the game? Try playing to practice your civilization building strategy.

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