How To Prevent Pornographic Content In Internet Browsers

How To Prevent Pornographic Content In Internet Browsers

We find more and more pornographic content on adult websites, especially when we browse the Internet. Pornography can have negative effects, especially for minors.

Although the government, in this case the Ministry of Communications and Information (Kominfo), has blocked a lot of pornographic content, it is not uncommon for adult content to appear while browsing. That is why you need to know how to block this content yourself.

Here are several ways to prevent pornographic content from appearing in Internet browsers.

There are many ways to avoid pornographic content. This method can block pornographic content from adult websites in browsers that are also commonly used by minors like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This is the way!

1. Use plugins to block pornographic content in Mozilla Firefox

Unfortunately, Mozilla’s Firefox browser does not have an automatic content blocking feature. Despite this, you can still use the plugin to do the blocking.

First, open the Mozilla Firefox browser, click “Open Menu” and then select the “Add-ons” menu.

Next, add a new extension by searching for it in the “Search” column. Then search for “parents”.

In the search results you will find at least 771 plugins that contain the word Parental. Interestingly, most of the existing plugins can be used to block websites that are considered dangerous.

One of the recommended plugins is “Parental Controls: Family-Friendly Filters”.

If you want to use the plugin, just click “Parental Control: Family Filter” and then select “Install”.

After that, you can use the parental control plugin to configure or access settings to block adult content or porn-heavy websites.

2. Use SafeSearch to block pornographic content in Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome to browse, you can also browse the Internet safely without being bothered by pornographic content by using the “Filter explicit results” feature.

To activate, go to the URL Then check or enable “Enable SafeSearch”.

After that, you can click the “Save” button at the bottom. Enabling SafeSearch automatically filters various violent, adult, or pornographic content and then removes it from Google searches or your search results.

3. Use extensions to block pornographic content in Google Chrome

In addition to the above methods, the steps to block pornographic content from adult sites in Google Chrome can also use extensions. Some of the Google Chrome extensions have advanced filtering capabilities that allow us to block content related to certain dangerous topics on the web, such as violence, pornography, drugs, etc.

Some of the extensions you can use are:

Stop doing that

Stop-it is also a Google Chrome extension to block adult websites with pornographic content. This is done to protect children from pornographic content circulating on the Internet. Unfortunately, Stop-it is among the paid Google Chrome extensions that are not free.

Bulk web filter

The extension to block adult websites with pornographic content is the Blocksi web filter. By simply enabling this extension, Blocksi Web Filter will guide you through filtering harmful content to be blocked. You can choose between 2 predefined filters, namely adult or child. The Blocksi Web Filter extension automatically blocks child pornographic content.

Stay focused

You can also use the Stayfocusd extension to block pornographic content in Google Chrome. In fact, the plugin or extension is used to block certain URLs. The purpose, you can concentrate more on work.

You can of course add porn website URLs to Stayfocusd settings. As a result, the child cannot access porn sites because they are already on the blocked list.

You can set the duration of access to the site. It can also be set to be inaccessible at all.

One of the disadvantages of URL-based extensions or plugins is that you have to enter the list of websites manually. The child can also use a different browser to “thwart” the block. The reason is that the Stayfocusd extension is only available in Google Chrome.

Use parental controls in Windows 10

Interestingly, operating systems like Windows 10 already have a parental control feature. This feature can also prevent children from accessing porn sites through a browser.

Follow the steps below to enable parental controls in Windows 10:

The first thing you need to do is create an account for your child. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts > Family & other people. Select “Add Family Member” and create an account for your child. Remember to provide a special email address for the child. So create one before following the steps above.

When you’re done, go to Windows 10 Family Settings and sign in.

After logging in, you will see a settings panel. Here you can set screen time (how long the child can access apps or websites), block websites, and filter content.

If you want to block pornographic sites, click Web Browsing and select Block inappropriate websites. This will block adult websites in Edge and Internet Explorer. You can also set the child not to open Chrome or Firefox.

These are three extensions in Google Chrome that you can use to block adult websites with pornographic content. In addition to these three extensions, there are other extensions like MetaCert’s Parental Controls & Web Filter or Anti-Porn that you can use.

Hopefully, using the above methods, you can keep your browsing activity safe from disturbing porn content and of course keep it away from minors. Good luck!

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