How To Use Google Classroom To Help Students And Teachers Learn From Home

How To Use Google Classroom To Help Students And Teachers Learn From Home

For many schools, the new school year 2020/2021 started yesterday. Unfortunately, as the Covid-19 pandemic is not over yet, teaching and learning activities must continue to take place from home.

Online learning can make it easier or even more difficult for some who are not familiar with this method. One of the online learning tools is Google Classroom.

Yes, Google also has specific functions for e-learning activities with all its applications. Of course, one of the advantages of Google Classroom is its integration with several other Google services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and even YouTube, which can often be used as study references.

New to the Google Classroom app? Don’t worry, BukaReview guides you for students and teachers who are using Google Classroom for the first time.

How to use google classroom

1. You can download the Google Classroom app from the App Store for Apple devices or the Play Store for Android devices. Using Google Classroom on mobile devices will definitely be more convenient and all data can be synced between devices.

2. You can also access Google Classroom from a laptop or PC. Go to or download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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3. Go back to the browser, press the + button at the top right. Further on there are two options Join or Create Class. Joining is an option for students, while creating a class is the teacher’s job.

4. If you are a teacher, you can directly enter data such as class name, section, topic, and room after clicking Create Class. The rest just follow the instructions to create a class for your students.

5. Upon completion of the material, there will be a class code at the top of the class title. Copy and then share with students.

6. There are four main tabs at the top; Transfer to communication that acts as a Facebook wall, classroom for learning activities and assignments, student search, and notes for assessment assignments.

7. If you are a student, after clicking Join / Join Class, you will need to enter the class code given to you by your teacher.

8. After studying, you usually get homework from the teacher. Click on the assigned task. At the top left is the due date for the assignment.

9. The teacher usually gives assignments in Google Docs format. Just do the homework on the homework sheet your teacher gave you. When you’re done, click Back to collect your tasks.

10. In the right panel you will see the tasks that you have collected with the label Delivered. If you are unsure or want to edit the response to the assignment, you can click Check Out to drag and edit the assignment before submitting it.

11. At the bottom of the tab you can communicate privately with your teacher. You can use it to ask the teacher if the instructions are not clear.

Watch the full video tutorial on using Google Classroom for beginners below.

Google Class room Tips

There are several tips that you should read to make the use of these services more stable. Here are some.

1. Use real name and photo

Most of you may be using social media handles and photos. This habit should not be done in Google Classroom. Use real names and photos, although there is a temptation to use pseudonyms and photos of other people.

This is because the teacher must recognize the students both in the classroom and in the virtual classroom of Google Classroom. Using your real name and photo will definitely help teachers and classmates recognize you.

2. Don’t forget to press “Confirm”.

This can be a problem for those of you who are in a hurry. Once you have uploaded the assignment to Google Classroom, you need to press the back button. If you are in a hurry, you may forget to press the button and even the assignment will not be sent to the teacher.

The button function is really good. Before submitting a final paper, you can first convince yourself and then the teacher will review it. So don’t forget to click the “Confirm” button.

3. How to withdraw a task

If you “turned in” the assignment, it means you allowed the teacher to open, review, and edit the file you uploaded. However, the name is human, there must also be errors. If this happens, don’t panic, just press the “Cancel Shipment” button.

Immediately correct the assignment you think is incorrect and submit it immediately after completion. Our advice: don’t hesitate too long before changing folders so that your teacher doesn’t start looking at homework and giving notes!

4. Don’t plagiarize, you’ll get caught!

In today’s age of online schools, the temptation to cheat and copy and paste assignments must be overwhelming. But our advice, don’t do it! This is because Google Classroom has a plagiarism detection feature.

Yes, this function does not exist in the student area. However, the automatic verification function is on the teacher’s side.

5. How to upload PDF files to Google Classroom

Maybe you want to download a specific assignment or file to a PDF file. It turned out to be easy.

The trick is to press “Open with” on the file you want to open. For convenience, simply select “Google Docs”. Then, after opening the file, all you have to do is find the File button, then select Download, and finally PDF.

Apart from PDF, you can download in docx, txt and epub format.

Well, now you know how to study from home with Google Classroom. It’s easy, isn’t it? Good study!

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