How To Use Parallel Storage To Create Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space is an application that allows us to clone or duplicate existing applications, allowing us to manage two accounts at the same time on a single smartphone.

By using Parallel Space app, we can create two different accounts for each app, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Basically, this Parallel Space application is very useful for those of you who want to manage multiple accounts at the same time, such as: B. Accounts in chat applications, social networks, games or market accounts for those of you who do business online .

For example, if you are a businessman, surely you need more than a chat application like WhatsApp to serve customers, right? Or you are a player who wants to double the account of the game you are playing to try a more exciting gaming experience. So this Parallel Space app is here to duplicate the apps you need.

How to use parallel space to duplicate applications

Another advantage of this Parallel Space app is that it is quite easy to use and no root is required to run on Android smartphone. Parallel Space can be used on Android smartphones starting from version 4.0.

So how do you use Parallel Space to mirror apps? Find out what’s next.

1. First, download and install the Parallel Space app from the Play Store.

2. In this case, please open the Parallel Space app and wait for a while. Parallel Space performs the scanning step on your smartphone.

3. After that, a list of apps and games installed on your smartphone will appear. Parallel Space also organizes them into their respective categories, making it easy for you to identify which apps you need to mirror.

4. Highlight the app or game you want to mirror. In this case, click Add to Parallel Room.

5. Open the mirrored app from Parallel Space app, then you just need to login or register to use the mirrored app.

6. Done, you can use the app or game with another account.

Here’s how to use Parallel Space to mirror the apps you need. It’s easy, isn’t it?

This app allows you to have more than one account and is perfect for those who frequently play games, use social media or do business online.

In addition, Parallel Space can also protect your privacy. Using Parallel Space makes the applications you use invisible because you can hide your personal account in Parallel Space. You can also set a lock or password for security reasons so that no one can access your Parallel Space.

Would you like to try this app?

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