How To Use Sheets, Excel In Google Drive

Well, what can’t you do with a computer connected to the Internet? There are several features to help you get the job done quickly and easily. Using programs and apps on your computer can help you get around, including Google Sheets.

If you need to perform calculations using Google Sheets but are not familiar with Microsoft Excel, this task may seem confusing. Therefore, you need the proper orientation.

How to use Excel in Google Drive.

1. Create a new Google Sheet

If you want to create a new Excel document in Google Drive, first create a new page called “Table”. To create a new sheet, do the following:

– Go to from your browser page.

– Make sure you’re signed in with a Google account.

– Click New.

– Select Google Sheets.

– Select ‘Empty table’.

After selecting the menu, you will be taken to an online Excel page where you can calculate using Excel.

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2. Save the document to Google Drive

When you’re done creating a document in Google Drive, how do you save it? It’s the most basic feature and of course a mainstay of Google Drive, including Sheets.

The documents you create are automatically saved. Therefore, there is no option to save to Google Sheets. Once you have finished counting a document, you can close the side window immediately.

3. Locate Excel documents stored in Drive

When you open Google Drive, all shared documents appear on the same page. To make your search easier, you can search for Sheets documents using the file picker in Google Drive.

In addition to file selection, you can also type the spreadsheet document you’re looking for in the search box at the top of the page. Documents in Google Sheets appear with a green icon.

4. Download apps for cross-device editing

To make editing documents easier, download the Google Sheets app on your tablet or phone. If you downloaded the app on a mobile device, the editing process can be done even when you are not connected to the Internet.

You can download all these most convenient device access to Android and iOS devices. Documents that are automatically saved via your computer or device are easily accessible as long as you have synced and are connected to the Internet.

5. Share documents with other Google users

Don’t have time to work in groups or meet project deadlines with colleagues at the office? You can use spreadsheets with more convenient features to share documents. To share a document, simply copy and paste the share link into the document.

You can also define the access you grant to the people who can access the document. You can set whether other people can only access the document, make changes, or only comment on the document.

If you grant access to document editing, the editing process can also be done in real time. So when you open a document, you can see who’s accessing Sheets at the same time. You can also use the chat feature to facilitate collaboration on the documents you have created.

What spreadsheet features have you tried using Google Drive?

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