Instagram Announces Removal Of Fake Likes, Followers And Comments

Instagram is trying more and more to make its social media environment feel quite safe and comfortable for users. After launching a feature to remove cases of bullying, Instagram has now announced that it will remove all fake likes, followers, and comments on user accounts.

According to Instagram, the fake likes, followers, and comments mostly come from third-party app bots and are said to have violated Instagram’s usage guidelines.

Therefore, as the official blog page reports, Instagram has announced that it will remove fake likes, followers, and comments from its platform. Learn more below.

Instagram removes fake likes, followers and comments

Most of the fake likes, followers, and comments that users get from these third-party service bots are designed to make users more popular and get more engagement.

Instagram also added that it has developed a machine learning-based moderation tool to identify accounts using these fake likes, followers and comments.

Accounts detected using 3rd party app bots to increase popularity and engagement will receive a notification from Instagram that their fake likes, followers and comments have been removed.

They will also be prompted to change their password to prevent third-party apps from compromising user account security. Instagram plans to continue to crack down on other fraudulent user activity in the future.

How to increase followers without buying fake followers

The growing trend of influencers, often measured by the number of likes, followers and engagement, means that users sometimes want to use third-party apps to increase their popularity on Instagram.

In fact, without using any third-party services or app bots, we can naturally increase the number of followers without having to buy fake followers, you know. Look at the following method.

1. Post artistic photos on your Instagram

By displaying good artistic photos, many people will like your Instagram. The more interesting you are, the more people will like your photos, so start following or following your Instagram account.

Artistic photographs can be created from photographs of objects or landscapes. You can also frustrate him by creating a special theme on his Instagram to make it more distinctive.

This method requires effort or hard work. However, this method is the safest and most recommended method for Instagram.

2. Target specific Instagram followers

For those of you who already have a theme for your Instagram and want to target followers based on the same interests, it’s easier to target your intended followers.

For example, if you want followers that match your hobbies, age group, education, or gender, you need to be careful about posting photos or videos that they like.

3. Use the correct hashtags

Hashtags (#) or hashtags (hashmarks) are very influential for the popularity of your Instagram account. To increase the number of followers, use the correct hashtags on your photos. Remember to include a hashtag on each photo to make it easier for users to find your Instagram account.

When posting a photo, try to use the correct caption and hashtag according to the intended audience and according to the photo being uploaded. In this way, your targeted followers will find Instagram easier and start following your Instagram account.

Here are three tips to increase Instagram followers without using follower buying services. Remember that adding followers cannot be done instantly, but it is possible if you remain creative to produce great photos and videos on your Instagram account. Good luck!

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