Instagram Launches Voice Messaging Feature In Direct Message To Send Voice Messages

The photo-sharing social network Instagram has just officially launched the voicemail feature. This feature seems to show that Instagram is now becoming more active in displaying general features like other social networks. Of course, the voice message function, also known as the Instagram walkie-talkie function, is similar to the voice memo in the WhatsApp application.

Yes, this feature is built into Instagram Direct Message (DM), allowing users to send messages by voice without the hassle of typing. So how do I use the voice messaging feature for this Instagram direct message (DM)? Learn more below.

How to use the voice message feature in Instagram Direct Message (DM)

Using the voice messaging feature in Instagram Direct Message (DM) is pretty simple. Follow these steps.

  • 1. Make sure you have updated your Instagram app to the latest version.
  • 2. Access the direct message (DM) menu after the update. An icon with the image of a microphone will appear in the interface of direct messages (DM) of Instagram, just to the left of the icon to send photos from the gallery.
  • 3. After that, all you have to do is press and hold the microphone button until your message box turns blue and white waves indicate that you are recording sound.
  • 4. When you’re done speaking, release the microphone button to send your voice to your Instagram friends you’re chatting with via Instagram Direct Message (DM).

Well, here is how to use the voice messages feature in Instagram Direct Message (DM). Pretty easy, right? The presence of this voicemail feature can also make it easier for you to pronounce phrases that are difficult to spell to write. To use this feature, you must first update your Instagram app to the latest version. This update is available from Tuesday (11/12/2018).

In addition to the voicemail feature, Instagram also recently introduced an AI (artificial intelligence) feature to enable visually impaired users to receive information when they access Instagram with a screen reader. like what? Learn more below.

AI (artificial intelligence) feature on Instagram to help visually impaired users

What kind of features has Instagram launched to meet the needs of visually impaired users? When the user scrolls the app page, the screen reader recognizes which image is displayed based on the description, which is automatically recognized through AI.

It should be noted that the AI ​​does not read the caption that you put in the image. The AI ​​feature explains which images you post to the feed timeline, with automatic interpretation by the AI.

Can the Instagram AI explain the photos or images you post with the correct interpretation? In order to describe images more meaningfully, you can now add not only subtitles but also “alt text”. The description in “alt text” is read when the screen reader function is active.

This feature connects users to make it easy for them to use the Instagram app as a fun sharing platform. The description written in the “alt text” does not appear in the message, but is only used by screen readers for visually impaired users.

You can always add a caption when you post on Instagram, but that caption is not a description that screen readers can read. On the other hand, the image description you describe in the “alt text” is not a description that will appear on your timeline when someone views your post.

For those of you who are actively using Instagram, how will you use this screen reader feature?

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