Learn About AirDrop On IOS Devices, What Does It Do?

Learn About AirDrop On IOS Devices

What is AirDrop and how to use it?

Have you ever used AirDrop on your iOS device? As an Apple device user, you may have wondered what is the AirDrop feature on your iPhone or MacBook. AirDrop is a feature that allows all Mac and iOS devices to send data to each other wirelessly.

Can’t just send via email or iMessage? Unlike other messaging apps, AirDrop offered by Apple has a few things that are different. For more details, let us know about AirDrop on iOS devices, what is it for?

Sending data via AirDrop

Qu’est-ce qu’Accuracy of AirDrop? AirDrop is a transfer service between Apple devices using available WiFi and Bluetooth. It is also simple that cela, vous pouvez envoyer des données avec d’autres utilisateurs Apple sans fil, a little comme partager des fichiers via Bluetooth on Android.

You can use AirDrop on iPhone 5 or earlier, iPad 2nd generation or earlier, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 2nd generation. The condition is that the device runs iOS 7 or earlier and OS X Yosemite on the MacBook.

How is AirDrop different from regular file sharing over Bluetooth? Since all these devices form a single ecosystem, you will surely find it easy to manage file transfers between devices. In addition, the data transfer between gadgets is guaranteed “fast”, that is, ultrafast. Most importantly, you don’t need a data quota to share files.

N’est-il pas plus pratique d’envoyer des données through court messaging applications such as WhatsApp or LINE? Oui, vous êtes peut-être déjà habitue à utiliser des application pour envoyer des données. If the taille des données is important, you can use the electronic support or the telecharger on Google Drive to partager des données. However, as mentioned above, the sharing of files between Apple gadgets is guaranteed quickly and with little cost.

However, the transmission of données avec AirDrop is done right in the vicinity. Even so, when you have finished putting on your photos we have avec des amis, les photos peuvent être envoyées immédiatement avec une qualité d’image nette. In short, the AirDrop feature on iPhone is similar to NFC on Android.

This is how AirDrop works when sending data

How does AirDrop work? AirDrop uses Bluetooth connectivity to create a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network between devices. Each device forms its own connection firewall in order to encrypt the data sent.

AirDrop can automatically detect devices within a sufficient range to establish a good WiFi connection. Once connected, you can use the connection to share data in different rooms.

Still, it’s important to remember that this is only possible up close, huh.

Benefits of sharing data with AirDrop

As mentioned, sending data with AirDrop does not consume quota. While some apps offer similar data sharing capabilities over Bluetooth, the speeds aren’t quite as fast as AirDrop.

Even when compared to Near Field Communications (NFC) and Bluetooth connectivity on Android devices, AirDrop is still superior. This makes sharing files with AirDrop faster and more convenient.

How to access AirDrop from an iOS device

How do I use AirDrop? If you have never used the AirDrop feature, you can find it in the Control Panel menu. Just drag the slider from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad screen, then tap the AirDrop icon to enable the connection feature.

Once the AirDrop feature is enabled via the icon button, you can customize the parameters for data sharing. A new dialog will appear with the “Contacts Only” option. If you select this menu, you can only get data from the people in the contact list.

If you select “Everyone” you can share data with everyone, even external contacts.

Send and receive data with AirDrop

The AirDrop function of which iOS appareil is active, you can immediately contact the user and receive it easily. Gardez à l’esprit que cette fonctionnalité AirDrop ne peut être utilisée que par d’other iOS users. Oui, the AirDrop feature is specifically designed for use by Apple users.

If you suffit to select the données que vous souhaitez envoyer, puis d’appuyer sur les boutons Partager et AirDrop. For example, vous souhaitez sends a photo. Ensuite, see the Gallery, select the photo you send souhaitez, click on Partager. Oh oui, vous pouvez selectionner plusieurs photos à la fois. After that, just click on AirDrop and choose or the file will be sent.

On MacBook devices, just click Finder, Go and search for AirDrop. The setting is the same as iPhone, you can select “Contacts Only” or “All”.

Now that you know its function, you can try to share data between Apple users. If you often send large amounts of data and large amounts of data, you will find this feature faster and more convenient.

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