This Is A Sign That Your Whatsapp Is Blocked By A Friend In 2022

Sign That Your Whatsapp Is Blocked

HP users should already be familiar with this application. Yes, currently WhatsApp is the most popular chat application, which is widely used in Indonesia, even all over the world, as a replacement for SMS.

WhatsApp has a simple and easy to understand interface, so it is no surprise that many people love this chat app. Sending text messages, images, sounds, videos and even making calls and video calls can be done easily and for free with this WhatsApp application.

However, the simplicity of the messages often causes discomfort and irritation in others. Well, if so, blocking contacts is usually a solution for us to stay calm.

Or have you ever sent a message to a friend via WhatsApp but never received a reply? Your contact may have been blocked as a result. How do you know? Find out what’s next. These are the signs that your WhatsApp is blocked by a friend.

whatsapp lock sign

Look at the following signs, your WhatsApp has been blocked by a friend!

1. Can’t show last seen friends

The first is to view the online or last seen status of your friends. If the status area is blank, a friend may have blocked your WhatsApp.

Still, your assumption may be wrong. Because WhatsApp users have the freedom to set the status. Yes, you can prevent someone from seeing your online or last seen status.

Even if the connection is poor, the status may not be displayed. Well, if the status is still uncertain, pay attention to the following signs.

2. I can’t see your friend’s profile picture

The second sign that WhatsApp has been blocked is that you cannot see the profile photos in your friends’ contacts. In some cases, the profile picture that appears when your WhatsApp is locked is the default WhatsApp picture.

If you don’t see your profile picture, it’s probably because they haven’t saved your number in their contacts. Yes, that doesn’t mean you’re blocked, just that the number isn’t saved.

If you are still looking for a sign that your WhatsApp is locked, read the next point.

3. Of all the messages you send, mark only one

To make sure that your WhatsApp has been blocked by a friend, you can try to send a message through your friend’s WhatsApp. If your message only has a tick in a few days while your friend is still actively using WhatsApp, your contact may have been blocked.

Again, this could be due to a bad connection. Please note the following sign to be absolutely sure.

4. Can’t call WA

Try to make a WA call, either a voice or video call. If you are still able to connect and take off, it means that your WhatsApp is not blocked, that is, it is only a network problem. If you don’t pick up your phone and it keeps ringing busy, a friend may have blocked your WhatsApp.

If you are still looking for the last character, read the next point.

5. Can’t add friends as party members

To find out if WhatsApp has been blocked or not, you can also test it by creating a new WhatsApp group and then adding your friends as members. If your friend’s contact cannot be added as a member, your contact may have been blocked.

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Well, these are the signs that your WhatsApp has been blocked by a friend. You can also block annoying contacts so you don’t feel uncomfortable every time you open this chat app. The method is as follows:

– In the contact window or in the chat with the person, select the three dots in the upper right corner.

– Then select More.

– After that there is a lock option.

– Touch Lock and the lock is complete.

WhatsApp users can block or close access to strangers to facilitate communication. For example, if you frequently receive spam, messages from people you don’t know, etc.

So how can you prevent your friends from blocking your WhatsApp number? Unfortunately, there is no way around this problem. WhatsApp offers its users the freedom to block other accounts that they find annoying.

Still, there is a way to open WhatsApp blocked by a friend. The method is to contact your friends directly, either by SMS or by phone. Ask him directly why you have been blocked, don’t worry, fix the problem and ask him to unblock you. I hope you understand!

In fact, there is another way to reduce distractions on WhatsApp and that is to use the “Mute” feature so that the message notifications that appear do not bother you. If you activate this WhatsApp feature, all notifications will be deleted.

Use the function ‘Mute ‘ to reduce distractions on WhatsApp

The function ‘Mute ‘ can only be used to mute notifications from specific groups that we deem too active. In the options

With the presence of the function ‘Mute ‘ for notifications, not only for groups, you can also mute all WhatsApp notifications in Completely Mute your smartphone. In this way, you will no longer be bothered by endless WhatsApp notifications. Using WhatsApp is even more convenient, right?

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