Simple Tips To Recover Windows 10 Password

Tips to recover Windows 10 password

Password questions are always a problem. The reason for this is that some of your accounts must have different keywords. The same applies to Windows 10. Sometimes you may forget the password just because you haven’t used the computer/laptop for a long time.

Well, if you forgot your password in Windows 10, now there are several ways to reset password easily. What are funds?

To recover passwords in Windows 10, you must be familiar with your operating system. You can do this by knowing what version of Windows you are using. Now that you know which version you’re using, here are four simple tips on how to recover passwords in Windows 10.

1. Connect using suggestions

The first way to find your password is to use hints. Yes, you can get instructions if you are using the Windows 10 operating system, version 1909 and higher.

Because usually when you create a Windows account, you have the option to share built-in password hints. Well, these tips can prevent you from remembering the existing password.

To get a hint when entering a password, you can do so by typing the password you remember. If it fails, instructions will appear below the password field telling you what password you have. If you remember to enter your password and sign in to Windows, you can.

2. Login with security question

The next solution that you can do when you forgot your Windows 10 password is to answer the security question. If you are using Windows 10 with version 1803 and later, it is totally possible. The reason is that in this version you need to create a security question before creating a Windows account, the method is very simple, just follow the steps below.

  • 1. First try to enter the password you remember first.
  • 2. After that, you will get the message “Wrong Password”.
  • 3. Click the “OK” button on the screen.
  • 4. Then “Reset Password” option will appear on the screen. Click on the option.
  • 5. Next, a security question will appear on the screen.
  • 6. Answer all the questions that are asked.
  • 7. If correct, you can create a new keyword.
  • 8. Enter the new password and confirm it.

If all the processes went smoothly, all you have to do is log in with the new password.

Of course, you must remember the answer to the security question. If you don’t remember, you may be prompted to restart Windows 10.

3. Reset Windows 10 password for version 1803 and earlier

Windows 10 version 1803 and earlier do not have a security question feature. Therefore, password reset is not actually possible for this version of Windows 10.

If you want to continue using a Windows 10 PC or laptop, the only option is to reset Windows 10. Keep in mind that resetting Windows 10 will permanently erase your data, apps, and settings.

Actually, if you regularly back up data, resetting Windows 10 is not a big loss. Of course, if you rarely, if ever, save data, it’s annoying.

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly save or back up your data to other storage media.

To reset Windows 10, follow the steps below.

  • 1. Press the Shift key on the keyboard while clicking the Windows 10 power button with your mouse.
  • 2. Click Restart at the bottom right of the screen.
  • 3. At the “Choose an option” screen, click “Troubleshoot” > “Reset this PC”.
  • 4. Select “Delete All”. If you choose another option, you will still be prompted for your old password when you try to log in.
  • 4. Reset password with password reset disk

The next method to recover password in Windows 10 is to use the Password Reset Disk app. You need a USB flash disk to “create” this password reset disk. Our advice, create the application immediately when installing or installing a new Windows 10 on a PC. Is that how it works:

  • 1. Make sure you are logged in with a local account. This is not possible with a Microsoft account.
  • 2. Insert the USB stick into the PC.
  • 3. In the search box on the taskbar, type “Create a password reset disk”.
  • 4. Then select “Create a password reset disk” from the search results.
  • 5. In the I forgot my password section, click Next. Select the desired USB flash drive, and then click Next.
  • 6. Enter the current password and click Next. Once the wizard completes, click Finish.
  • 7. Disconnect the USB flash drive. Keep it in a safe place where you can easily remember it. You do not need to create a new disk when you change your password, even if you change it several times.

If you created a password reset disk and forgot the password, just connect the USB flash disk to PC. After that, just follow the steps below.

  • 1. Enter the keywords you remember.
  • 2. If unsuccessful, a password reset option will appear below the box.
  • 3. Then click the option and you will see the password reset wizard screen.
  • 4. On the screen, select “Next” to continue with the password reset.
  • 5. Then in the next menu you will get to the drive option where you can enter the password.
  • 6. Then enter the desired keywords in the following menu. Use easy-to-remember passwords and provide instructions on how to remember them immediately.
  • 7. Confirm the password and you can use the new password.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

5. Change password with Windows Password Rescuer

It could be said that this is the ultimate way to save passwords in Windows 10. Yes, you can open laptops/computers with Windows Password Rescuer. You just need another laptop to use it.

Windows Password Rescuer can be used not only on Windows 10 but also on other versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Essentially, this app is a savior to unlock locked computers/laptops again.

So how do you use it? That is how.

  • 1. Download and install Windows Password Rescuer on another laptop/computer.
  • 2. When this app appears, plug in the flash so you have the option to use a USB device.
  • 3. After selecting the flash to use, please select “Start recording” to run this application. It usually only takes 30 seconds to complete the whole process.
  • 4. When the process is complete, remove the flash.
  • 5. Enter it into the computer/laptop whose password you forgot.
  • 6. Then turn on the computer/laptop in boot mode and select USB Boot.
  • 7. The Windows Password Rescuer app will then run automatically and collect data from all the accounts you use.
  • 8. Then click “Administrator” to recover the password on the laptop/computer.
  • 9. Click “Reset” and confirm.
  • 10. After that, the laptop/computer will no longer be password protected.
  • 11. Then click “Reboot” and remove the connected flash.
  • 12. Click “Yes” and restart your computer/laptop.
  • 13. After that, you can access Windows 10 without password.

So here are some tips to recover Windows 10 password. So how do you create a password that is strong and easy to remember? See the steps below.

Tips for creating strong and easy-to-remember passwords

Once you can access your computer/laptop, here are some tips for creating a strong and easy-to-remember password. What? Just look at the explanation below.

1. Use long characters

When creating a password, the most important thing is that you can remember it. Therefore, try to use keywords of at least 8 characters or more. However, the longer the password, the better.

2. Enter the symbol in the password

In addition to using 8 or more characters, you can also use symbols in the keywords used. Because using the password icon you use makes it difficult for others to pry.

3. Use numbers and letter variations

Using numbers and letter variants can also be another option for creating passwords. Because then the keywords you enter will be harder and harder to find. For example, a password spelled “passwordakuapaya” would be even better if “Passw0rdKuap4ya!”.

4. Don’t use a date of birth

Try not to include personal information in the password you use. Because it is very easy to follow. Also date of birth, date of marriage and others. If possible, use a different password.

These are simple Windows 10 password recovery tips and create a password that you can do. Remember, if you forget Windows 10 password, you should not panic. Relax and learn how to open a laptop/computer using the above method.

What? Can Windows 10 password be recovered?

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