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Have you heard of SlideShare? If you are a user of the professional network LinkedIn, you have surely heard of this platform. This is because this is usually where a slideshow or infographic about something should be displayed on LinkedIn.

So what are the benefits of SlideShare? To answer that question, here is a full explanation of the online filing platform. like what? Follow this article to the end, OK!

SlideShare, what is it?

SlideShare is a very popular LinkedIn platform for sharing documents and presentation slides. This also answers why this platform is often found when you open LinkedIn.

SlideShare users are primarily focused on the business realm, especially those interested in business development marketing. The number of users has reached more than 80 million people worldwide and will continue to grow.

On SlideShare you will also find presentation materials and documents in 40 different categories. What makes it even more interesting is that almost everything is free to download, so you can find the right presentations and documents to study.

In addition to being able to download it for free, you can also believe your own SlideShare. You can meme faire une révision des documents qui s’y trouvent déjà. Quoi qu’il en soit, cette platforme est très utile pour ceux qui ont également un compte LinkedIn.

Benefits of using SlideShare

You may think that SlideShare n’est pas très important dans votre vie. However, croyez-moi, SlideShare offers several advantages for your development. If you don’t like toujours pas, call quelques-uns des Advantages de SlideShare.

1. Free to use

As mentioned above, this app is free and you can use it however you want. So if you want to start a startup business or something else, this platform will come in very handy. Especially if your marketing budget is very tight, this platform can be a solution for your content marketing needs.

2. Easy to use

SlideShare is very easy to use. It may seem complicated because you are not familiar with this application. However, you can access some third-party tutorials to help you learn it.

3. Access to a wide range of professionals

Because SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, you can access a larger network of professionals. This means that you can trade in the right market. Who knows, you will meet investors or even potential collaborators who share your vision.

4. Build your credibility

By uploading useful information to SlideShare, you can increase your credibility. This method should be used when starting from scratch, so that people will search for you based on what you have downloaded.

For example, you usually upload an article or a presentation about good marketing. Well, people reading the content will think that they will contact you if they need something related to marketing. They may even be asked to attend a seminar or study together.

5. There is analysis

One of the most useful advantages of SlideShare is that it already comes with its own analysis. Having these analytics in place is very useful for tracking and measuring how well your uploaded content is being viewed and used.

How to use SlideShare

You must be curious about how you use SlideShare if you’ve read this far. Make it easy for him, to use it you can see the following steps.

  • 1. First, you can open your internet browser and type
  • 2. If it is open, please register first.
  • 3. However, if you already have a LinkedIn account, you can click Connect to LinkedIn.
  • 4. First complete your profile. Please note that this is for business purposes, so try to take it more seriously.
  • 5. Remember to upload your profile picture.
  • 6. Once done, you can use the download button to download the stuff you have.
  • 7. However, you can also search for what you need by typing keywords in the search box.

How to find SlideShare themes and templates

Ever wanted to start filling your SlideShare account with important information, but you need a theme or template to do it. Well, to create a theme or template, there are two ways. anything? Look down.

1. Create your own with PowerPoint

Yes, the easiest way to make presentations is to use Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s just that to create a theme in this app, you have to do it from scratch, so it’s quite tricky if you don’t have a talent for graphic design.

2. With an online site

You can rely on various online sites to get free presentation templates. Some of these websites are,,, and All of these websites have cool themes and templates that you can use if you’re running out of ideas with PowerPoint.

Features of SlideShare

After knowing how to use and create the template, you really don’t know what to do with SlideShare. So that you do not get lost while using this platform, these are its features.

1. Download an online slideshow

The first point of the SlideShare feature is to upload your material online. That way, anyone with a SlideShare or LinkedIn account can access and download it if they need to.

2. “Sell” hardware online.

Yes, you can basically market your stuff online. SlideShare’s existence helps you reach those you can’t reach with traditional marketing methods. So make sure you upload useful content, okay?

3. Where to find inspiration

Another feature of SlideShare is that it can be used as a place of inspiration. In fact, there is so much material available here that you can get inspired by reading things related to what you are studying or working on.

Well that was an explanation of what SlideShare is and how to use it. I hope this article helps you. You can at least intend to register there.

So, do you already know what SlideShare is?

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