Officially Released, This Is The Latest Specification Of Fujifilm X100V Camera

Specification Of Fujifilm X100V Camera

When it comes to taste, Fujifilm knows very well how to pamper its users with nostalgia for the past in the digital age. This time, the Japanese tech giant introduced its new camera with a classic rangefinder design, similar to the Leica Monochrom M.

The camera, which goes by the name of Fujifilm X100V, has several advantages apart from a beautiful design. Curious? Here are the specifications of the latest Fujifilm X100V camera.

Fujifilm X100V theme

The elegance of the Fujifilm X100V is immediately apparent when you first see it. The top and bottom plates of the X100V are machined from a single block of aluminum that not only looks good but is perfectly finished on the corners and of course it’s lightweight.

The top maintains the Fujifilm analog feel by introducing a manual dial for exposure compensation and shutter speed. So you can experience analog cameras in the digital age, but with the most advanced technology available today.

When shooting with the X100V, you can choose a hybrid viewfinder, that is, a 0.52x optical viewfinder (OVF) or a 3.69 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder. The EVF has a coverage of up to 95%.

Fujifilm X100V Specifications

The Fujifilm X100V offers a resolution of 26.1 MP. In the kitchen, this camera is powered by X Processor 4 and uses an X-Trans CMOS sensor.

Fujifilm’s latest X-Processor 4 not only speeds up data processing, but also improves AF performance for both face and eye detection. In addition, this processor also allows the X100V to work optimally in -5EV illumination, allowing optimal focus even in the dark.

One of the interesting features is the electronic rangefinder (ERF). This feature combines a single OVF and EVF. You can preview the photo in the bottom right corner while setting the crop with OVF.

This camera has a recording speed of up to 11fps in burst mode or 20fps with electronic shutter.

In its 85 years of experience in the world of photography, Fujifilm also introduces its famous film simulation again and again. You can choose from 17 digital film simulations ranging from Provia, Velvia, Astia, Acros to Eterna.

There is also a multiple exposure feature to enhance your creativity. You can stack up to 9 photos in this mode to create a unique photo that only you can create.

As for the power supply, the Fujifilm X100V has quite a large capacity. You can record up to 350 frames with EVF or 420 frames with OVF and 55 minutes for 4K video recording or 75 minutes for Full HD video.

For connectivity, this camera offers a USB Type-C port. Apart from data transfer, you can also use this port to charge the camera, which is very portable considering that standard electronic devices now use a USB Type-C cable.

Fujifilm X100V video capabilities

The Fujifilm X100V is not only suitable for photos, but also for those who like to create vlogs or videos for professional purposes. This camera can record 4K resolution video at up to 30fps frame rate or 1080p video at 120fps to create spectacular slow-motion videos.

For editing, the X100V also offers more flexibility with up to 10-bit color, perfect for those who frequently edit video with cinematic presets.

Fujifilm X100V price

The latest Fujifilm X100V camera is expected to launch in late February. With the new Fujinon 23mm f/2 lens set, the Fujifilm X100V costs $1,399 (about Rs. 19.1 million).

Now that you have seen the specifications and prices of the Fujifilm X100V, are you excited about its presence in Indonesia?

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