Specifications And Price Of Sony ZV-1 Cute Design Camera For Vlogger Pro

Specifications And Price Of Sony ZV-1 Cute Design Camera For Vlogger Pro

Japanese tech giant Sony has unveiled its new camera. This time the novelty comes from the field of compact cameras.

The camera, called the Sony ZV-1, is aimed at video content creators and vloggers. Are you curious about the features, specifications and prices of this latest Sony ZV-1 camera? Come on, check out the next article.

SonyZV-1. Design

Visually, this camera naturally reminds us of Sony’s RX100 series, which has been around for compact camera enthusiasts for a long time. The design difference is evident in the angle of this camera, which is not as sharp as the RX100.

In addition, the grip of the Sony ZV-1 is more comfortable in the hand than that of its brother since it has a quite striking design.

When it comes to display, the Sony ZV-1 has learned a lot from its predecessors, no matter if they are other models or even brands. While vlogging cameras in the past had a screen that could be flipped up or down, the Sony ZV-1 now uses a screen mechanism that can be flipped sideways and rotated down.

This screen is similar to the DSLR camera from around 2011. The advantages of the screen design are, firstly, that it is not obscured by a tripod or gorillapod, and secondly, that it is not obscured by external audio accessories.

The screen has a 3-inch extension with an LCD panel and a resolution of 921,000 pixels and can be used for touch focus.

Specifications of the Sony ZV-1

Sony claims that this camera has better video recording capabilities than the RX100. Sony ZV-1 has a resolution of 20.1 MP with a 1.0-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor. The sensor is the same as the one in the latest Sony RX100 VII camera.

Meanwhile, the 24-70mm focal length lens is the same as the one on the RX100 III to V models, rather than the 24-200 lens now built into the last two RX100 models. However, one of the advantages of this old lens over the new one is its larger aperture. This lens has an aperture of f/1.8-2.8, not f/2.8-4.5 like the new version.

It will also help you take photos in hot places as this Sony ZV-1 already has a built-in ND filter.

The video recording industry certainly no longer needs to be questioned. Despite its small size, the Sony ZV-1 is capable of recording 4K video at a frame rate of 24 or 30fps. You can also record slow-motion video at 240, 480, and 960fps.

For those of you who want to vlog and edit for professional purposes, this camera also supports HLG, S-Log3 and S-Gamut3.Cine color profiles.

SonyZV-1. recording functions

One of the most important features of this camera is the background blur. Aware that not everyone is a good photographer, Sony can adjust the aperture to adjust the depth of field for a creamy background.

So, at the top near the shutter button, you’ll find this background blur button. If you enable it, you can get videos with background blur, which will make your videos look more professional.

The second very useful feature of this Sony ZV-1 is the product display mode. Are you sure you often see celebrities displaying promotional items in front of your hands so you can focus on that product?

Well, with this feature, all vloggers who create content like this frequently don’t have to worry anymore. You just lifted the product in front of the camera. The advanced autofocus of this camera instantly changes the focus on the product.

When you remove the product from the frame, the focus immediately returns to your face. “Alright guys, this time I…” has never been so easy.

sony zv-1 price

The Sony ZV-1 will be released in June. The launch price of the Sony ZV-1 is USD 749 (approximately Rs 11 crore) and will increase to USD 799 (approximately Rs 11.8 crore) after June 28. While the vlogger kit costs US$99 (Rs. 1.4 million) for intros and US$149 (Rs. 2.2 million) after June 28.

Now that you have seen the features, specifications and price of the Sony ZV-1, are you interested in purchasing this advanced camera?

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