Top 7 Recommended Sites To Download Movie Subtitles

In fact, watching movies with subtitles is more convenient, really. You can download Indonesian subtitles to enjoy series or movies. Even though the movie is in English, it doesn’t feel right when you don’t use subtitles.

Some people choose not only Indonesian subtitles but also English subtitles to watch their favorite movies. The presence of subtitles in the film is very easy, so that the audience can enjoy the film more comfortably. However, you should download accurate Indonesian subtitles from major sites.

How to download subtitles to watch movies

For those of you who love to watch movies, sometimes movies don’t have subtitles. It may not be too much of a problem if the movie is in English, we can learn at the same time. However, the situation is different when you watch movies in other foreign languages. Perhaps the content of the conversation in the film can only be guessed from the facial expressions of the actors.

Well, there are many websites where you can download subtitles to make watching movies more convenient. If you search on Google search, you will find a huge list of downloadable subtitles with the same movie title. To get the subtitle you want, usually the subtitle is named in the same format as the movie data you have. Subtitle data format usually starts with title, release year, resolution quality and movie format and then ends with *.srt format.

1. Best Recommended Subtitle Sites You Can Download: YIFY Subtitles

Status: Active

You can separate the subtitle search on this page by movie genre. This feature makes it easy to find similar movie subtitles without having to re-type new keywords in Google searches. You can easily find all movies from action, romance, comedy and documentary genres. YIFY subtitle site is also very popular among moviegoers.

2. Best Recommended Subtitle Sites You Can Download: Pein Akatsuki

Status: Active via Substage

One of the most popular subtitle search sites is Pein Akatsuki. The quality of the subtitles on this site is considered very accurate. Usually, for easy search, you can add “Pein Akatsuki” after typing the movie title in Google search box. You can also visit the Pein Akatsuki website directly to check out the latest movie subtitles.

3. Best Recommended Subtitle Sites You Can Download: Subscene

Status: Active

Does the movie you are watching have subtitles but the translation is not quite correct? Yes, this happens often, especially when watching movies in English. I really want to be more confident in the movie talk translation. Instead of relying on listening comprehension, it’s more convenient to use subtitles, isn’t it?

Well, you can not only download Indonesian subtitles, you can also download English subtitles to be more confident with the content of the conversation in the movie. Subscene has a fairly comprehensive selection of subtitles, both in Indonesian and English, and perhaps some other language subtitles for several other movie selections. All you have to do is search and find the most suitable subtitle for the movie you are watching.

4. Best Recommended Subtitle Sites You Can Download: TVSubs

Status: Active

If you are looking for a site that offers subtitles for TV series, TVSubs can be an alternative. It has at least 3,000 subtitled TV series of different genres.

The subtitle file downloaded from this site is in the form of a ZIP file. So don’t forget to unzip it before using it!

5. Best recommended subtitle sites to download:

Status: Active

If you want to find a website that looks light and accessible, you can check out the MovieSubtitles website. This site offers a very useful search function if you want to see movie subtitles. Not just movies, you can also get subtitles for series movies, you know. In appearance, the MovieSubtitle site is also very simple. So you don’t get confused when you want to choose which subtitle data to download.

6. Best Recommended Subtitle Sites You Can Download: Subs4free

Status: Active

This subtitle provider website can be accessed in two language translation options namely English and Greek. It’s a bit strange, why do you need a page in Greek? However, you can be sure that this site provides a fairly accurate alternate English subtitle. Even without downloading the Indonesian subtitles, you can watch the movies you want to watch more conveniently. Navigating this site is also quite easy, so you can quickly find subtitles.

7. Best recommended subtitle sites you can download:

Status: Active

Still, if you want to find high-quality subtitles, you can find alternative subtitles for movies, try iSubtitles. The database of this site is quite complete and you can download it for free. You can find subtitles for Hollywood movies, soap operas, and Korean dramas on the iSubtitles website.

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