Top 9 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas On Mobile (Latest 2022)

Currently looking for the best app to watch Korean dramas. Why? Because currently, watching Korean dramas online is in high demand among Korean lovers. One of the reasons that makes Korean dramas so popular is the actors who have handsome and pretty faces and are backed by a very interesting plot.

So it’s no surprise that apps for watching Korean dramas are getting more niche, especially those that offer free features, always up-to-date and latest episodes, and fast buffering (loading). Currently, most people watch Korean dramas through TV shows or DVDs. However, it is more convenient when you can watch it on the best app to watch Korean dramas.

Watching Korean dramas through streaming apps is also very easy. Just lying in bed or on the sofa, we can watch our favorite movies through the cell phone!

Speaking of cell phones, there is the latest Samsung cell phone that is suitable for watching Korean drama movies. The cell phone is the Samsung Galaxy A12. One of the advantages of this mobile is its 5000 mAh battery! So you don’t have to go back and forth to charge your device. Just charge the battery until it’s full, lie down and continue watching. Guaranteed hours of television without being bothered by the charging cable.

If you decide to download Korean drama movies, Samsung Galaxy A12 will surely support it. As you can see, the mobile phone has a very large storage capacity, that is, 128 GB! The choice of RAM of up to 6 GB also ensures that you can multitask comfortably.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy A12 has a 6.5-inch widescreen. Satisfaction guaranteed when watching your favorite Korean series. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is also not expensive. You just need to prepare Rp2 499 billion to buy it. There is already a discount of only Rp 2,399,000 in the official Samsung Bukalapak store!

HP already, next is the data packet. For those of you without landline internet, cell phone providers are the only way to watch online. An operator that provides big data packages is Indosat Ooredoo through the IM3 Ooredoo product. In addition, you automatically subscribe to VIP VIU when you use Indosat services.

Don’t have an Ooredoo IM3 card yet? You can buy it cheaply from the official IM3 Ooredoo store in Bukalapak. There is currently a promotional price on the official IM3 Ooredoo store.

One of the highlights is the Freedom U starter pack with 7 GB main quota and 20 GB app quota (30 active days).

The 20GB app quota can be used to access various apps like Netflix and Spotify. Now when you use both apps, the quota used is the app quota. When the app quota is exhausted, the next quota used is the main quota of 7 GB.

Interestingly, a function called Pulsa Safe is executed when the quota is exhausted. You can continue using your Internet without reducing your credit! However, the Internet speed will be reduced to 64 kbps.

The best app to watch Korean dramas.

Do you want to know what apps to watch Korean dramas are available on Play Store or App Store? Here are the recommendations.

1. Viu – Movies, Music and TV Shows

The first is the Viu app. This app is an app to watch Korean dramas, which is most used by Korean lovers as it offers Indonesian subtitles. You can also use this app to download movies for offline viewing.

You can download movies in SD (Standard Definition) quality or HD (High Definition) quality. In addition to Korean TV series, Viu also offers movies and music shows. You can use Viu Free to download free movies.

However, if you want to be ad-free while watching, you can subscribe or pay for Viu Premium.


If you are looking for an app to watch the latest Korean dramas, this app is highly recommended. Thanks to this app, you no longer need to be confused to understand the meaning of the conversations spoken by actors in Korean drama shows because all the drama shows in this app already use Indonesian subtitles.

Well, another benefit of the app is that it has a wide range of Korean dramas and is always up to date. In addition, the application is small, so it does not occupy the memory of your smartphone. If you want to try this app, you can download it for free from Play Store or App Store.

3. Viki: TV series and movies

This Viki: TV Dramas & Movies app not only offers Korean TV series and movies, but also TV series programs from other countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Just like the above two apps, this app also offers subtitles in different languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike English, Chinese and many more including Indonesian.

Viki: TV Series & Movies allows you to stream your favorite Korean movies online anytime, anywhere using Wi-Fi connection or internet data. You can download it for free on Play Store or App Store.

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Also, there is an app called KDrama that you can use to watch Korean dramas. In this application you can find many of your favorite Korean series and dramas. You can watch it for free via streaming or online.

salah satu aplikasi nonton movie drama korea terbaik ini juga sangat mutah digunakan danmenyediakan berbagai judul tv series dan movie drama korea dan jika kamu mengikuti episode drama yang sedan tayang di korea maka kdrama akan memberikan notifikasi mengeai update episode terbaru dari movie yang sedang kamu uncle third. So can you?

5. KBS World

Siapa Yang Tidak Tahu KBS? Stasiun TV di Korea Selatan ini terkenal suka menayangkan berbagai film drama Korea, mulai dari Full House, Love Rain, Descendant of the Sun and masih banyak lagi. Kini, KBS World hadir sebagai aplikasi yang menyajikan berbagai drama movie film korea short version.

KBS stands for Korea Broadcasting System, where you can use this app to get the latest updates about the Korean world. A very suitable app for you big fans of Korea. In addition to Korean drama movies, the KBS World app also features South Korea’s most popular music show, Music Bank, you know!


This must-have app for watching Korean movies, Netflix of course. This US movie streaming service is very popular in Indonesia. Currently, exactly in 2021, users of the Internet network of Telekom and its subsidiaries will be able to enjoy Netflix services.

There are plenty of Korean original drama movies on Netflix that are too good to miss. Some of them are Sweet Home, Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, and Startups.

Of course, to access Netflix, you need to sign up. You can subscribe from IDR 54,000 (only for mobile phones like Galaxy A12) up to IDR 186,000 per month.

7. Iflix/WeTV

Aside from being known for having a fairly extensive catalog of Indonesian movies. Streaming service provider iflix also pampers you with a catalog of Korean drama titles. Call it the world of marriage that recently appeared in your medical journal.

You can watch most of the best Korean drama movies for free on iFlix. However, the movies will come with advertising. If you don’t want to see ads while watching Korean dramas, you can sign up for a VIP account.

Are you not an IndiHome customer yet? Don’t worry. You only need to pay Rp 39,000 to watch VIP videos and various Korean dramas on i Flix. There are also movies that can be enjoyed for free, ie. H. Not VIP. Despite everything, the film is interrupted by a large number of commercials.

Oh yes, in 2020 Tencent officially acquired iFlix. However, all iFlix services are still available in Indonesia. In fact, iFlix bundles some of its content with WeTV, Tencent’s streaming service. In other words, iFlix and WeTV’s selection of Korean dramas is becoming more complete.

8. Watch the premieres

Vidio streaming app is already known as a streaming app to watch national TV online. Well, thanks to Vidio Premier you can watch quality movies and series. Name it Korean drama series like Descendants of the Sun, The World of The Married, Oh My Baby, or the thriller Train to Busan.

In addition, it has a fairly complete catalog of Korean dramas. Vidio Premier offers many classic Warkop DKI movie titles to watch at home all day. Nagabonar is another classic Indonesian movie that you can watch on Vidio Premier and the latest one is Records of the Boy movie. You don’t have to ask for quality. Because the Korean drama movies (and other movies) that appear on Vidio are already digital releases and have high definition. So that the image does not break when viewed.

Would you like to subscribe to Premiere Video? You can purchase two packages namely Vidio Premier Gold and Vidio Premier Platinum which can be purchased from Rs 15,000. Payments can be made by credit, money or bank transfer. For owners of devices with a Telkomsel or Tri number, you can purchase a special package to watch Premiere Vidio.


One of the best Korean streaming apps that you can get in 2021 is iQiyi. Just like iFlix, you can watch the best Korean drama movies for free. However, there are ads that you need to see to get impressions from these services.

You can enjoy many of the best Korean drama movies, from Dr. Strange, I miss 18 again.

To get rid of ads, you can subscribe to VIP for a price ranging from IDR 30,000 (two devices and the ability to download movies) to IDR 75,000 (four devices and the ability to download movies).

These are nine apps to watch Korean dramas online that are now available on the Play Store and App Store. For K-drama lovers, the above five apps allow you to watch your favorite Korean dramas from your smartphone or tablet. Very simple and practical, right?

I hope you find this list of the best apps to watch Korean dramas useful!

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